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Nothing says “welcome to the neighborhood” like first-rate residential paving. As the premier paving company in Bucks County, Harris Blacktopping has become the community’s leading choice for a wide variety of asphalt paving projects, including both commercial paving and residential paving.

Reputation Matters

Whether your are looking for residential road paving or a reputable contractor to lay down asphalt driveways, Harris Blacktopping offers the experienced crews and high-quality materials needed for world-class results. No other company can boast the legacy of fine workmanship and satisfied customers left behind by Harris Blacktopping. As soon as this company opened its doors back in 1987, it started to enjoy immediate success. One exemplary job after another led to a tidal wave of positive word-of-mouth, as ecstatic clients went on to recommend Harris Blacktopping’s residential paving services to their friends, family members, and colleagues. Harris Blacktopping soon became not only a household name, but also the first choice of businesses in need of new parking lots and other paving projects. Today, many of the churches, shopping centers, schools, and hospitals in Bucks County have already procured the services of Harris Blacktopping.

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How It Works

First, a Harris Blacktopping crew will come to the site and conduct a thorough preliminary assessment of what the project will entail. Before they ever get started, they will provide you with an in-depth explanation of how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Harris Blacktopping takes great pains to keep its customers in the loop – just one of many reasons why this company has succeeded where its competitors have failed.

Second, the industrious professionals at Harris Blacktopping will get to work, using only the highest-grade materials for the job. Throughout the residential paving process, the crew will maintain a safe, organized, and carefully contained workspace.

Third, with the residential paving job completed, the Harris Blacktopping crew will perform a comprehensive clean up. These professionals always leave a site looking better than when they found it.

Fourth, and finally, the Harris Blacktopping crew returns to conduct a post-production inspection. They will look for imperfections, seal any ends where the new surface touches old surfaces, and ensure that the overall quality of the blacktop is the best it can possibly be.

Take the First Step

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