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Tennis Court

Construction and Maintenance

As any player knows, the most important part of a tennis court is its surface; a level, crack-free court is a must for anyone who enjoys the game. The net, fences, and borders are all important as well, but if the asphalt paving on your court is sub-par, the other elements won't matter. That's why your first priority during tennis court construction should be to hire an experienced blacktop paving company. Harris Blacktopping has been installing tennis courts in Bucks County, PA for decades, and has the equipment, knowledge, and skills necessary to install a professional-grade tennis court on your property.

Tennis court construction and maintenance services are available from Harris Blacktopping - Bucks County tennis court paver

The quality of the blacktop installation on your tennis court will affect everything from its esthetic appeal to its performance to how often it needs maintenance. Before breaking ground on your tennis court, make sure that the asphalt paving company you hire can provide you with the following:

  • A free estimate of the project cost and timeline
  • An assessment of your base conditions
  • An aggregate base course of approximately six inches (if needed)
  • Roughly two inches of compacted asphalt
  • Blacktop sealant

Tennis Court Construction Costs

The initial cost of your tennis court construction will vary depending on the size of the court and amount of base preparation needed. You will also need a layer of blacktop sealant to protect your new pavement. A sealcoat protects asphalt in much the same way that sun block protects your skin. A proper sealcoat will defend against cracks and double the life of your blacktop.

Even with the protection of a high quality sealcoat, all asphalt will crack over time. You can save money on your tennis court maintenance costs by calling your asphalt paving company as soon as cracks become noticeable. Filling cracks is a lot easier and less expensive than resurfacing an entire tennis court, which could end up being your only recourse if cracks are not repaired in a timely manner.

Why Asphalt Maintenance Is Important

Bucks County tennis court maintenance and construction services are given by Harris Blacktopping

Asphalt is a flexible, permeable substance made up of many complex chemicals. The very thing that makes it an ideal surface for sports, parking lots, and roadways is also what leaves it so vulnerable to the elements. UV rays and moisture break down the binding qualities in asphalt, causing it to become brittle, unyielding, and cracked. By performing regular maintenance on your tennis court pavement, you'll increase its lifespan and reduce your repair costs considerably.

Before Building Your Tennis Court

In addition to the above considerations, you will also need to make a decision about the orientation of your tennis court before beginning construction.

  • A knowledgeable asphalt paving company can tell you exactly which direction your court should be facing in order to keep glare and heat to a minimum.
  • The slope of the land and your city's building codes will also determine your tennis court orientation options.

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Harris Blacktopping has provided hundreds of clients with the details they needed to make informed decisions about the orientation of their court. If you are in search of an experienced asphalt paving company that can build you the tennis court of your dreams, contact Harris Blacktopping today for your free consultation.

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